How To Calculate GPA in Pakistan in 2023

In this article, we are going to discuss how to calculate GPA in Pakistan. Let’s start.

GPA is the only thing that remains in a student’s mind throughout his university career in Pakistan. GPA calculator is an excellent online tool to calculate your GPA online quickly. Gross Point Average is used to determine the overall academic performance of a student in any university in Pakistan.

Universities like NUST, Comsats, and Quid Azam University let their students use their online portals to calculate their GPA. Still, many students found it difficult to find these tools on their websites.

GPA plays a vital role in determining the student’s capabilities to take a role in a company or further apply for higher studies in the country or abroad. In this article, we will show you different ways to calculate your GPA in Pakistan as well as helpful tips on how to increase your GPA in Pakistan.

GPA Calculator in Pakistan

How To Calculate GPA in Pakistan

The process of calculating the GPA remains the same, some students used the old manual method of calculating it on paper and some students used the help of the internet and their laptops to speed up the process.

  1. Gather Your Grades: Gather your grades for all the subjects you have taken in a semester, or if you are using the Cumulative GPA calculator, gather all the grades you got in your 4 years of university life.
  2. Convert Grades to Grade Points: After gathering all your grades, convert them into grade points according to the grade points table. E.G: A grade will be 4.0 Grade points. Add all the grade points to get a final Grade point for the semester.
  3. Calculate Credit Hours: Now calculate the total credit hour it took to take each course and add them together to get a total credit hour number.
  4. Calculate GPA: Now divide the total number of grade points by the total number of credit hours to find the GPA for your semester.

What is the Importance of GPA in Pakistan

GPA plays a vital role in the academic and professional career of any individual, either male or female, in Pakistan. Universities often asked for huge percentages from high schools to get enrolled into a reputed university like Nust, Comsat, or QU.

The same mindset is followed when a fresh graduate applies for a job in the Government or private sector. The interviewer often, and majority of the time, asked for at least a 3.7 CGPA. If a student failed to secure at least a 3.4 CGPA, he or she is considered useless in majority of the Government and private sector organizations.

This mindset is killing the hopes of thousands of fresh graduates. The political instability and fear of not getting a job in Pakistan is often the reason why thousands of talented Pakistanis often option out for moving out of the country.

This year approximately 1 Million talented Pakistani doctors, engineers, or entrepunars left the country forever or at least for the next 20-30 years.

How To Improve GPA in Pakistan

GPA is an important career building pillar in the life of a student. One the basis of a strong pillar, a structure stands like ways based on a good GPA, student is often considered for scholarships and high-paying jobs in government and private sector.

Students often search for ways how to increase their GPA in universities and some of these ways are given below:

  1. Study Schedule: Create a study schedule for yourself and make yourself follow it on a daily base, no matter if its off or not, stick to the schedule.
  2. Be Regular in Class: Making yourself regular in class have many benefits, and one of the important ones is, of course, improving your GPA.
  3. Be the number: Always sit in the first row, never miss a class, and always stay focused on what your professor is teaching you.
  4. Company: Universities in Pakistan have both the bad boys and the good boys, and the ratio of the bad boys is more significant in the majority of the universities. Joining the company of high-performing students will surely add up to your GPA.
  5. Regular at the Library: Stay regular in the library and always strive for knowledge spread across the empty tables.
  6. Get in touch with professors: Stay loyal to your professor and always keep a decent relationship with them. It will help you in positive favors in the shape of extra academic knowledge.


The final words on GPA in Pakistan will be only one that GPA is a vital part of the career of many graduates in Pakistan. Securing a high GPA in college and universities is no tas difficult as people portray it. All you need is to stay up to date with your professor and stay connected with the good company of hard-working students.

You can calculate your GPA easily by dividing the total number of credit hours by your total number of GPA points. You can use the online GPA calculator for this purpose of use the manual on paper method.

FAQ about How To Calculate GPA in Pakistan

How do I convert a percentage to GPA in Pakistan?

You can convert your percentage to GPA points through the grading scale of your universities. Once you have your requirred GPA points add them togther and divide them by the total number of credit hours to calcualte your final GPA in Pakistan.

Can I improve my GPA after graduation?

No, you cannot improve your GPA after graduation. GPA is a constant number that is calculated after completing your study in a university.

What is a 4.0 GPA in Pakistan?

A 4.0 GPA is the highest GPA you can take in Pakistan during your academic tenure at a university. The 4.0 GPA grade is unweighted.

How to calculate GPA step by step?

You can calculate GPA by following the step-by-step guide below:
1. Convert your letter grades into GPA points.
2. Add all the GPA points to find the total GPA points.
3. Add all credit hours to find the total credit hours for a semester.
4. Divide the total GPA points by the total credit hours.
5. The final number or grade is your GPA.

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