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PM Laptop Scheme is a dream project of PML-N President and Former 3 Times Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. PMYP (Prime Minister Youth Program) was a brainchild of Nawaz Sharif and started in 2013. The program was designed for the youth to enable them to compete in IT (Information Technology) with the rest of the world. The scheme or program initially distributed Laptops under the first Laptop Scheme by then prime minister Nawaz Sharif among talented students.

Many initiatives were announced in the last PML-N government, including 2 times Laptop Schemes, youth loan schemes, kamyab jawan programs, youth employment programs, taxi services, etc. The main focus of PMYP was to enable the young generation to earn for themself through these schemes.

Last month, honorable Prime MInsiter Shahbaz Sharif announced the third phase of the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2023 and assigned this task to HEC to handle everything on behalf of the Federal Government. Shaza Khawaja., daughter of Defence Minister Khawaja Asif and chairperson of PMYP announced the Laptop Scheme on the official Twitter handler.

How to Check Application Status

Application Status PM Laptop scheme

Students can check their application status by following the below step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to the official website of HEC (Higher Education Commission).
  2. Select the Phase of the Laptop Scheme you applied in.
  3. Select the city your university is based in.
  4. Select your university from the eligible university list.
  5. Select your Campus.
  6. Select your department.
  7. Select the degree you are enrolled in.
  8. Select your year of study.
  9. Click on the “Filter Result” button to generate the result.
Application StatusDescription
AppliedStudent successfully submitted their application for PM Laptop Scheme
VerifiedThe student successfully submitted their application for PM Laptop Scheme
DisapprovedThe student application is disapproved and is not eligible.
SelectedStudent is selected for the merit list.
Not SelectedThe student is selected for the merit list.
Asset IssuedThe student is chosen for the merit list.

If you are an eligible student from a qualified university, your current application status will be shown below. Meanwhile, if you failed to get your result, don’t worry. HEC is still processing the applications; maybe your application has not been approved yet.

The official merit list for Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2023 will be announced as soon as the applications are processed.

Final Merit List For PM Laptop Scheme 2023

Like the last 2 laptop schemes, this year, the number of applications surpassed the allocated number by Federal Government. It is estimated that around 1 million applications have been received by HEC for the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2023. The total number of Laptops that will be distributed is around 200,000.

HEC is currently processing the valid applications, and once this process is completed successfully, HEC will announce the final Merit List for PM Laptop Scheme 2023. The federal government announced that the laptop distribution would follow the assigned quota system.

Eligible students who fall in the criteria will be added to the merit list for a specific university. If the number of eligible students exceeds the number of laptops a particular university will get, the registration date will be the central element in the distribution process.

The final Merit List for PM Laptop Scheme 2023 will be announced soon.

Frequently Asked Questions About PM Laptop Scheme 2023

PM laptop scheme 2023 is the third phase of PMYP (Prime Minister Youth Program) Laptop scheme in which 100,000 laptops will be distributed among talented and eligible students nationwide.

Students currently enrolled in eligible universities doing any degree program which started after 2018 are eligible to take part in the PM laptop scheme 2023.

The laptop Scheme in Sindh Universities has been announced by the Chief Minister of Sindh to distribute laptops among talented and deserving students of the province.

GPA is not required to participate in the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2023. If you are an eligible student studying in an eligible university, you can apply without any problem.


PM laptop scheme 2023 is a good initiative for youth who fail to afford a good laptop for their work and study needs. Equipping the youth with the latest laptops is an impressive initiative to let them earn for themselves. With the evolving markets of Digital Marketing, these laptops can play a vital role in bringing foreign remittance in the form of US dollars into the country.

Our country is already facing the worst possible financial conditions and is on the verge of Bank-Corruptacy. In such harsh conditions, these schemes by the government will surely win them some votes for the upcoming elections in October 2023.

Feel free to contact us for any information about Prime Minister Laptops Cheme 2023.

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